Below: we have replacement cement tile to save your roof. Notice thick tile = shadows.

Above: First we carefully did this side of Albert Kahn mansion. Owners had "faster roofers" do lakeside side. It leaked for years despite their best repair efforts. So Heritage, "we build to last," redid  lakeside. Fine now for decades. Our paranoid crafted roofs do not leak.

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Tile Roofs Need Inspections + Care

Option: new cement tile roof. Tile is 100-year durable and with its thickness very dramatic. And a value. Costs not much more than premium shingles.  In fact, shingle roofs can be reasonably upgraded to cement tile.

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Below: Birds made a nest & leaks. All roofs need inspection and maintenance.

We Have Replacement Tile​.


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Tile Roofs are Classic. Ceramic tile has lasted centuries. What fails is underlayments.