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R 60 = about 24 inches of attic insulation. 

Less is not serious.

Energy savings will pay for this 3-5 years.

One customer who lived in a big mansion on Lake St. Clair, a savvy investor, pointed out:

"20% return on investment is better than stocks. And there's no capital gains tax!"

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By spotting temperature differences, it can locate energy leaks indicating insulation or air leaks problems plus water leaks:

Free Home Inspection with Infrared and BPI check list: roof, insulation, walls, electrical, windows -- interior and exterior -- normally $400


Below are the topics detailed:

DTE Energy recognizes Building Performance Institutes energy audits as Industry Standards: click here for BPI pages of details.

Serious Energy Audits are Detailed

As a serious do-it-better owner, I, Edward Brown, have been certified by Building Performance Institute      as an Energy Auditor and Building

                    Envelope Specialist.

R60, 24 inches: Instant Comfort

Saving Energy Money Requires Infrared, Training,  and Serious  Insulation

Dept. of Energy recommends R 60

Protecting your whole home or business  requires a whole

building inspection for more than water leaks. We look for energy leaks with visual and infrared inspections.eciali

Most homes have bedrooms upstairs under attics, chilly in winter,  hot in summer.

R 60 attics gives instant comfort. Many customers call to say right after insulation, that winter night suddenly their upstairs bedrooms are "comfortable."

One customer noted she wore her fur coat upstairs and her sensible dog slept downstairs by the radiator. After R60, she lounged in PJs and her canine found comfort upstairs.

Insulating Your Attic is Essential

Heat rises. Much escapes through your attic --- through your roof.

Infrared camera above shows roof heat leak

Plus above, we use an Infrared camera.

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Above photo: dark grid pattern shows typical heat leaks around framing. Which is why new construction requires some no continuous, no gap insulation.

However, our moisture meter confirmed the big DARK SPOT to be a leak that had not yet damaged ceiling paint.

Infrared scan and moisture meter on roof topside found an obscure leak had trapped water under the roof. 

Customer chronically felt tired, out-of-sorts. We cut an investigation hole. Found: wetness had caused mold. So we tested mold samples through a very competent lab we are connected with.

Mold was hazardous.

After we repaired the leak, killed mold, fixed hole, the customer felt better.