​Flat Roofs have great options.

Left: One part surface needed restoration. Other parts the roll roofing's seams were coming loose. Leaks all around.

So instead
 of tearing off the roof, the mess and installing a new roof, Heritage's polymers sealed the seams --- $100,000 saved!  

Above left: shows our non-fire seamer that has TPO seams so water tight, that originally TPO was used for making ponds.

TPO still is. Above right shows steps in making a low spot into a pond. 

TPO is roofing's State of Art. 

Above right: water dissolves EPDM rubber roof's seams. Repair caulk fails.

Our high tech polymers stop these chronic leaks.


free inspections + maintaince =

preventing whole roof replacement +

whole tax write off + huge savings

Below left: common problem with asphalt and torchdown roofs is webs of cracks. Conventional aluminum coating will not seal cracks for long. Re-cracks as below.  Basically, it is reflective paint. Above photo shows cracked roof with high tech polymer with actual aluminum flakes. Disney uses this system. Recoat every 10 years, decade after decade.

Below right is our seamless polymer roof. Roofer after roofer could not keep their seams from leaking when melting snow made this an ice pond. Our high tech seamless solution: no seams = no leaks.

Flat Roof challenges: ponding water, more direct sunlight, freeze/thaw snow = faster wear

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