Besides eminently practical, copper adds classic beauty. We like crafting with it.

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Below: customer wanted the flat roof over entrance door to have copper. However, the flat roof would not show copper. So we suggested a sloped roof. And shaped the profile to echo main house roof's profile. Notice vertical how ribs are evenly spaced. Also, notice larger triangular and vertical ribs neatly join. No standard space under larger ridges.

Copper roofs add class and curb appeal                        ​credit cards accepted

Below: close-up shows our higher custom crafted ribs create curb appeal shadow lines.

Shadow lines add drama. Definition. Transform copper blob into an artistic  statement.  

Other roofers see ribs just as a way to connect panels so they "sensiblely" save copper with low ribs. Plus, low ribs seem right height when made by the installer on his ladder.

But great art is created for its audience. And the ribs is viewed from the ground, often curb side. Hence, our distintive curbside shadow lined ribs:


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