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Apartment owner wanted a new roof

to help sell his $3 million building.

Below: satellite view of roof

However, leak was under where there was no peeling. Consultants mystified.

So owner called in us, Heritage, who before had solved problems on other of his roofs. 

First using our infrared camera to examine leak area and then whole upper ceilings and walls,  we found hidden moisture, but not yet visible leaks. See photos in next column at top.

You deal with owner Edward Brown, not some salesman.

As owner, Edward Brown,  surveys

your concern, and makes sure job 

with all fussy deals --- is done right.


Owner,  Edward Brown:

"As a craft company for 43 years we have beautified Grosse Pointe, Historic Detroit with no leak roofs. Now we're expanding our services as General Contractors.

"Of course,  winter damages roofs and spring rains can leak in.

"Especially, on flat roofs or in sloped roof valleys. Or clogged gutters.

"Call, we work the year around."

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"We are not a large production company, but a small craft company that fusses details that others are totally ignorant of or don't care.

We Know! We Care!"

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Your Roof protects you

I have seen leaks cause: mold illnesses, close business, collapse buildings, huge interior damages, loss of hundred of dollars in selling real estate.

Like everything, roofs require maintenance. 


Studies have found over 80% of expensive new roofs, residential and commercial,  could have been avoided with professional inspections and smart timely maintenance.

Besides an experienced eye, I use infrared scopes and moisture meters. to detect hidden water and energy leaks.

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Owner hired another roofer $2200 cheaper than Heritage. However, other roofer created leaks. Ceiling fell down. Previously, there had been no leaks.

Owner then hired consultants to find out why as his roofer could not fix newly created leaks. 


Consultants found the installed roof coating was peeling. See below:

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Above room looks okay, but infrared shows hidden moisture not yet visible leak. 

Below: infrared blue shows hidden moisture behind other ceilings and under the roof.

  • metal valleys
  • architectural shingles
  • copper roofs
  • copper chimney flashings

Above left: dark blue wet spot on the ceiling was opened to test for mold. Infrared pinpointed it. Tested hazardous. Above right on roof: bright infrared shows water trapped under roof. We verified this with our moisture our meter and small cuts into his roof found trapped water!

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Wet plywood deck grew mold. All roof had to be torn off. Reason for the leaks was first roofer scrapped off gravel opening up holes AND THEN


But it was $2200 cheaper than Heritage's non-leak coating. 

Right photo: Distraught owner spent over $92,000 to correct "savings."

Heritage: protects & beautifies

roofing in Grosse Pointe 43 years

roofing in Detroit

now General Contractor

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